Egypt Chamber – VR Game

    Egypt Chamber is a mobile virtual reality game that challenges the most daring and adventurous players to explore the deepest secrets of one of the most influential civilizations of history: ancient Egypt. Guided only by the dim light of a flashlight, one enters the chamber tomb knowing that the only exit will be locked until all hidden artifacts are collected inside, thanks to expert game development services.

    To find their way out, the players wander through the dark labyrinth of the chamber, entering the secret rooms, where they might stumble upon a frightening mummy that resurrects from the grave and reveals the 3000-year-old limestone bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, the icon of feminine beauty.

    The suspenseful original soundtrack and the intense sound FX design of the game, brought to life by game development service's expertise, magnify the uncanny atmosphere of this quest, keeping the player alert at all times.

    Through the magic of virtual reality and the superb visual aesthetics of this game, Egypt Chamber makes it possible to time travel to ancient Egypt, discover its enigmatic architecture, and experience a journey like no other.

    This app is compatible with Android devices (4.2 Jelly Bean and up) and is used with mobile VR viewers like Google Cardboard.

    Stay tuned for thrilling updates to this game and check out other exciting games from the creators of Egypt Chamber, like Alien Attack VR and Sci-Fi VR, brought to you by our game development services.